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The UK sweeper training team

Sweeper training

Ensuring the best return on investment is naturally the next step to take after purchasing a road sweeper. Training is one of the best methods to increase ROI through better performance and essential maintenance. By taking the time to become acquainted with the vehicle and familiarity of controls. Optimised techniques can be applied to deliver consistent results and prolong the life of the vehicle and its many components. Daily and weekly maintenance can have a significant impact on long-term efficiency and ultimately profit margins.

Bucher Municipal UK offer different options for training. Mainly three different types

Certificated Train the Trainer

This is a one-day course, suited to more experience personnel who have a minimum of three years’ experience and have completed one of Bucher Municipal training courses previously. Train the Trainer is an intensive course that certifies the participant as a trainer that can train other sweeper operators in their organisation. This course has significant benefits throughout the entire fleet of operators as specialist knowledge can be taught across an intricate range of topics, including:

  • Best practice sweeping techniques
  • Best practice Winter Maintenance techniques
  • Best practice teaching techniques
  • Techniques for confidence building
  • Techniques for improving attitude and approach to vehicle operation
  • Essential End of Day maintenance routines
  • Essential Daily and Weekly maintenance routines
  • Essential Health & Safety Instruction

Certificated Operator Training

A training course that is essential for any level of experience. Upon completion the operator will receive certification to confirm that they have understood and obtained a high level of competency. Taking place across one day, this training will take place on the customer site using their own sweeper, ensuring that training is bespoke as possible. Topics covered are:

  • Familiarization of sweeper controls
  • Optimum sweeping technique
  • Winter Maintenance Techniques
  • Essential End of Day Routine
  • Essential Daily and Weekly Maintenance
  • Essential Health & Safety Instruction

By completing this course, the operator can expect to see a substantial increase in performance as they will have a comprehensive understanding of their sweeper. The business can then expect to see lower maintenance costs and less downtime as the operator will know how to complete a thorough maintenance routine.

Certificated Application Specific Training Course (CAST)

The CAST course allows the operators to choose what topics will be covered. Four in-depth specific subjects are taught during training. Some examples being: Driving techniques, front brush positioning, maintenance regimes and nozzle settings. This course trains up to a maximum of four people (two trainees in the morning and two trainees in the afternoon) and upon completion each successful candidate will be certificated upon the specific procedures.  

Training delivered by the Bucher Municipal team is designed to increase working knowledge of best practices and maintenance for each Bucher Municipal unit. Training covers an extensive list of topics but can also be as specific to suit any needs. For more information contact:


Fiona Hadley

Demonstration and Training Coordinator

Tel: +44 (0) 1306 884722