How your TMS can help prevent the spread of Covid-19 | Bucher Municipal | United Kingdom

Prevent the spread

How your TMS can help Prevent the spread of Covid-19

When facing challenging times we find ways to adapt to the new circumstances. Municipalities are posed with the challenge of helping prevent the spread of Covid-19. Bucher Municipal have swiftly responded with a solution. By using an additional water filter fitted into the hopper of a normal road sweeper. This can turn a truck mounted sweeper into a dedicated street flusher that is perfect for sanitising public spaces. Increasing the water capacity from 1500 litres up to 4000 litres, the operator can add detergent to the water, with an approximate on station time of 2 hours. Giving the operator the capability to disinfect roads, highways, street furniture, public spaces and more, once again making these places safe for the public.