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Sewer cleaning

Maintaining sewer and drainage networks,
with a wide product range of Combination,
Recycler and Special units

A complete product range for effective sewer cleaning

Sewer cleaning units from Bucher Municipal play a central role in ensuring a sustainable approach to the use of water and profitable business for the customers.

Today, Bucher Municipal offers a full range of sewer cleaning equipment for municipal, contracting, and construction applications, using only high-quality components and advanced technology. 

All sewer and drainage cleaning products

Combination units

Our combination units are the most flexible sewer cleaning units on the market. They are used for preventive cleaning, emergency cleaning of mains, septic- and collection tanks, and transport of dangerous goods. Just to name a few of the tasks. Common to them is the low maintenance costs, increased capabilities, low noise levels and high quality. 

Recycler units

Our Recycler series is equipped with a fully automatic water filtration system. This means that the sewer cleaner automatically and continuously separates water from the sludge to subsequently use the cleaned water to clean the sewer. It's not just good for the environment. It is also good for the bottom line and the sewer cleaner.

Special units

Experience the benefits on a day-to-day basis when you are no longer challenged by the terrain. With our special units, you are guaranteed an easy and safe access to difficult jetting tasks.

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