Our customers: Subscan | Bucher Municipal | United Kingdom


Subscan provide UK coverage with a fleet of Bucher Municipal tankers

Subscan are Bucher Municipal’s customer that provides full UK coverage in a wide range of services aimed at the detection and avoidance of underground utilities. From topographical surveys, to underground utility tracing, drainage, CCTV and lining, they provide a comprehensive turnkey solution. They offer a 24/7/365 service for emergency call-outs ensuring that any drains that need unblocking in any location can be done by a fully trained service engineer.

Subscan offer a full range of drainage services, ranging from small blockages to a full site survey and cleanse. Naturally, their fleet of vehicles would need to withstand some of the toughest working conditions and without fail to continue providing an emergency response service. When asked why Subscan chose Bucher Municipal as their provider for sewer cleaning units, their response was:

‘We made the decision to replace our existing fleet with new vehicles to meet low emissions criteria. We chose to upgrade all of our vehicles to Euro 6 standards in order to meet the criteria’ as this aligns with their values of continuous investment. Elaborating further stating their continuous business with Bucher Municipal is down to ‘short lead times, the quality of their workmanship and the recycling technology present in their tankers. Any issues we have had with vehicles, such as booking in for repairs, have always been resolved to a high standard, quickly and efficiently. We used the vehicles to work on the flood works in Doncaster, and we were complimented by our own clients on the fact there wasn’t one breakdown during the entire project.'

At Bucher Municipal our vehicles are put through some of the most challenging circumstances before they ever reach the market to guarantee its performance under pressure and the longevity of each unit. This has been reflected day to day by Subscan as they attend and solve any problem swiftly, expressing that their fleet from Bucher Municipal has been extremely reliable in demanding situations.