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CityCat 5006

Performance package
in the compact class

CityCat 5006

High-capacity in every aspect

CityCat 5006

Performance package
in the compact class

CityCat 5006
Performance package in the compact class

The CityCat 5006 pure vacuum compact sweeper represents a milestone for compact sweepers.

The whole package sets standards for performance and range with its high suction power, large hopper and a huge water storage capacity.

Get to know the CityCat 5006

Pioneering technology
Pioneering technology

With its powerful 118 kW diesel engine with AdBlue additive and exhaust gas after-treatment system, the CityCat 5006 compact sweeper fulfills the stringent requirements of the Iveco NEF Tier 4 Final emission standard.

The compact external measurements and selectable four-wheel steering give the vehicle superb maneuverability and guarantee maximum stability and active safety at all times during daily service runs.


CityCat 5006_engine
High-capacity in every aspect
High-capacity in every aspect

The stainless steel hopper which boasts a huge payload capacity and the possibility of carrying a volume of 232 gallons (880 l) of clean water with you enables exceptionally long sweeping distances and very high fill levels.

An extra 260 gallon (1120-liter) water tank can be installed to maximise operating time and the total water capacity to 528 gallons (2000 liters). Thanks to the high suction power, large hopper and enormous water supply, the service package sets new standards when it comes to performance and range.

CityCat 5006_Capacity
Convenient operation
Convenient operation

This machine offers operators great driving and user comfort. The large cab, which can be fitted with three seats on request, has generous windows which offer a good view ahead and of the side brushes.

All the controls for work functions – including the joysticks for the front and side brushes – are to the right of the driver’s seat and can be reached with one hand. The user interface is unique.

By activating the EasyClean self-cleaning function, the blower, filter screen, dirty water tank, sidewalls and other difficult to reach pockets of dirt are sprayed by the cleaning nozzles. The machine is perfectly clean within a couple of minutes.

CityCat 5006_Convenient operation
Stainless Steel Hoppers
Stainless Steel Hoppers
CityCat 5006 inside of hopper

Bucher Municipal is the pioneering street sweeper manufacturer to offer as standard hoppers totally constructed - not just lined - of 1.4003 stainless steel – the very best for this application. Our sweepers provide 250-times better corrosion resistance than standard or even 304 stainless steel.

Key specification

  • Water capacity 232 gallons (880 l)

  • 7.3 yd³ (5.6 m³) hopper volume

  • Hydrostatic-controlled four-wheel steering

  • Cabin designed for 3 people

  • Up to 31 MPH travelling speed

  • Low fuel consumption: According to EN 15429-2 standard

  • PM2.5/10 4-star certified

Key Features

Water capacity
Operators comfort

Agile and fast

CityCat 5006_Manoeuvrability

The compact outer dimensions, as well as the four-wheel steering that can be turned on and off, give the vehicle maximum maneuverability and ensure perfect directional stability and safety for everyday work.

Low-emission engine and high-efficiency drive system

CityCat 5006_Low-emission engine

The smooth-running, high-torque Iveco NEF Tier 4 Final engine with extremely low fuel consumption and emission levels allows exceptionally reliable and economical operation.

The control concept employed on the diesel engine is designed to optimize fuel consumption and reduce noise emissions without making any compromises in performance.

This means fuel savings of up to 50% and reductions in noise levels of 20% in comparison with previous models.

Excellent coverage

Fully variable positioning of the entire sweeping and suction nozzle unit to either side provides the optimum coverage.

The unit is protected from impact damage because it retracts when an obstacle is encountered. The hydraulically activated large panel filter makes it possible to take up bulky material.

With just the touch of a button on the control panel, the left or right side brush can be lifted if only one side is required. This protects the brushes from unnecessary wear.

High-capacity clean water volume

CityCat 5006

A capacity of 232 gallons (880 liters) of clean water ensures long service times. An extra 296 gallon (1120-liter) water tank can be installed to maximize operating time.

The service water recovery option ensures a higher freshwater coverage and less service water swept up.

Same volume, different dumping hight

CityCat 5006

The CityCat 5006 has a Hopper capacity of  7.3 yd³ (5.6 m³) and a payload of 11023 lbs (5000 kg).

Raising the hopper with the option of the high dump feature allows the debris to be tipped into large containers, skips, or directly into refuse collection vehicles. This dramatically increases efficiency.

The hopper volume remains the same and does not become smaller. The Hopper is available in different stainless steel materials for individual corrosion resistance.

Ergonomic and smart

CityCat 5006

All the controls for work functions – including the joysticks for the front and side brushes – are to the right of the driver’s seat and can be operated with one hand.

The user interface is unique. The tiltable cab with tinted safety glass on all sides, low-reflection, noise-attenuating front windshield and door windows slidable forward and backward is equipped with an air-suspended driver's seat and a steering column which is angle adjustable.

Thanks to the diagnostics system, the modern 7-inch central display provides easy access to all relevant machine data such as total running time and working hours, operational and road travel, fuel consumption, etc.

EasyClean System

CityCat 5006

The operator simply activates the EasyClean self-cleaning function. The blower, filter screen, dirty water tank, sidewalls, and other difficult to reach pockets of dirt are then sprayed by the cleaning nozzles.

The machine is perfectly clean within a couple of minutes.

"Game changer." - Andrew Komer of Sunbelt Rentals, Flooring Solutions (Bucher Municipal North America dealer)


Product variations


CityCat 5006 with
street wash system

Ample pressure allows Main Street market squares, building sites, and pedestrian zones to be washed down and left spotlessly clean. This system uses large debris hopper as a water tank.


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CityCat 5006 with
boom reel & hand lance

Two booms are mounted on the hopper with a reel and a hand lance that are connected to the highpressure water system of the CityCat 5006. These are useful for flushing rubbish from the sides of the street directly in front of the sweeper to significantly increase the working width and efficiency.

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CityCat 5006 with
road construction brush

The road construction brush is giving the vehicle an even bigger working area and better coverage on curves and corners. The rugged front brush is suitable for particularly tough applications, including road construction and weed removal. Furthermore, it has a floor support pressure regulation and a tilt.

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CityCat 5006 with

The wanderhose with hydraulic support enables the cleaning of underfloor containers up to 6 feet (2 meters) deep. The abrasion resistant, 360° rotatable suction hose has a diameter of 8 inches (200 mm) with a length of 21 feet (6.5 m).

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The CityCat 5006 in action - wanderhose cleaning up wet leaves in the rain

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