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CityFant 6000

Outstanding performance
for all applications

Cityfant 6000
Manoeuvrable and efficient

The Cityfant 6000 continues the tradition of successful sweeper technology and with high quality materials and components, we ensure operational reliability and long service life.

With tailored machines in your chosen field, we offer a wide choice of products and options, which ensure maximum performance is always achieved. 

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Powerful low-emission engine

The powerful low-emission engine with a hydraulically driven fan forms a compact and efficient power unit. This is a tried and tested unit complying with all exhaust emission standard. The Bucher Municipal truck mounted sweepers are also available with fully hydrostatic or semi-hydrostatic drives.

Cityfant 6000 Powapack


Operational Performance
Operational Performance

Designed to suit operational requirements

With a focus on driver comfort, Bucher Muncipals truck mounted sweepers are designed around the needs of the operator to provide comfort and eliminate fatigue, even over long working periods. 

Cityfant PSS



Maximising on-station time

Robust construction using premium quality materials ensures a long service life and maximum operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness and up-time. Bucher Municipal truck mounted sweepers are easy to use and maintain.

Cityfant 6000 large water tank



Sweep System
Sweep System

Perfect Cleaning

The advanced brush system guarantees perfect cleaning right up to the kerb and even in those awkward corners of locations that are difficult to access such as parking bays.

Telescopic unit

Key specifications

  • 6.5 m³ hopper capacity
  • 1900 litre water tank
  • Stainless steel hopper
  • 4* EUnited PM10/2.5 Certifed
  • Leading sweepgear
  • Pendant controller for hopper operations

Key Features

Sweep System
Systems Locker
Programmable Sweeping System (PSS)
Suction Performance

Robust sweep gear

Telescopic unit

The leading arm channel brushes are controlled pneumatically. When extended, the sweep gear is always within a clear view of the operator.

Hopper interior

Cityfant 6000 dumping

The hopper interior has been constructed to ensure that no dirt deposits can remain trapped inside. This ensures complete, perfect emptying. The wide opening angle of the hopper door ensures that the swept material can be completely discharged quickly.

Powerful low-emission engine

Cityfant engine view

The powerful low-emission engine with a hydraulically driven fan forms a compact and efficient power unit. This is a tried and tested unit complying with all exhaust emission standards.

Protected locker for system controls

Cityfant protected locker

A protected locker housing the pneumatic and electronic system controls ensure full control functionality in the most extreme conditions.

PSS - a Bucher Municipal exclusive

Cityfant PSS

The Programmable Sweeping System (PSS) control unit is mounted centrally. Controls are arranged ergonomically and are clear and easy to understand. Operating data required for recording costs, fleet management and billing can be downloaded to a USB stick in csv. format.

Strong suction performance

Telescopic unit

The above average suction power makes this vehicle particularly suitable for dealing with very dirty areas.

Product variations

Cityfant Supawash

CF6000 with high pres-
sure washing system

The compact hose reel with a hand lance is ready within seconds for cleaning streets, bus shelters, walls, stairs or for washing down the machine after a hard days work.

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Bucher Rear Wanderhose

CF6000 with Ø200mm
rear wander hose

The rear wander hose is ideal for cleaning catch basins, waste containers and removing piles of leaves.


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Bucher Manual water taps

CF6000 with manual
water taps in the cab

With this option the amount of water required can be controlled from the adjustable valves in the drivers cab.


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